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Published on by accessories, an online e-commerce company that sells medical and rehabilitation supplies, has joined into a distribution agreement with Laptop Keyboard    , Incorporated, to offer innovative computer keyboards and other peripheral computer equipment to a larger consumer market. Headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota, on the scenic shores of Lake Superior, Chester Creek derives its name from a creek of the same name in their location, a peaceful place where the hard edge of technology and the ideals of rural American heritage beautifully converge. Chester Creek is a progressive and forward-thinking company that offers a high-tech lineup of functional, fun and affordable computer keyboards and equipment for all ages and abilities. They are well known and loved for their colorful keyboards and mice for children, and for individuals with special needs.


Chester Creek maintains their superior reputation by continuing to earn it through their design and manufacture of the highest quality products that meet the changing needs of their customers, and by minimizing environmental burdens through the effective application of RoHS and CPSIA standards. As the premier designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art specialty keyboards for children and people with special needs, their unique line of standard and large key keyboards meet stringent environmental standards and are distributed worldwide.


Laptop Keyboard   and mice designed by Chester Creek assist people of all ages and abilities. People with dexterity and/or vision restraints can achieve greater independence with this increased accessibility to computers, making it easier for anyone to enjoy the benefits of computer technology and to be able to navigate online with enhanced ease and control. Their color-coded keyboards, mice and accessories for children help to inspire learning and capture the child's interest and imagination. Even children with learning disabilities who find it difficult to process written information can benefit from Chester Creek's color-coded teaching tools. “We are delighted to introduce more consumers to this fantastic computer equipment from Chester Creek Technologies,” said Hulet Smith, Founder and CEO of Rehabmart. “From keyboards with oversized keys, two-button and one-button tiny mice sized perfectly for little hands, color-coded and standard-sized keyboards, and a color-coded typing tutorial, everyone regardless of age or ability will be sure to find exactly the right computer equipment to fit their own needs.”



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