Colorful Accessories for the new Sony Vaio E Series laptop

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Don’t like the touchpad? Use this Bluetooth Mouse


First up for the the very colorful and customizable Sony Vaio E series laptop computer in the accessories  department is the Bluetooth Slider Mouse. The Bluetooth Slider mouse for the E series has customizable skins with lots of different colors nine of them in total. The colors available include Black, White, Green, Gold, Blue, Pink, Orange and Violet.  The Bluetooth Slider Mouse will cost you $69.99 and the customizable covers cost $5.99 each. Get the Bluetooth Slider mouse and covers at Sony Style.



Next up is the Sony Vaio Bluetooth Laser Mouse. This mouse is compatible with more than just Sony Vaio notebooks you can also use it on your Sony PlayStation 3 console to move through menus. This mouse runs off of (2) AA batteries and with those batteries you get a whopping 2 months of use, thanks to the Smart power management technology inside this mouse. You can pick up this great little mouse for $79.99 on Sony Style.



Last but not least one of the coolest things about the Sony Vaio E series, the optional Sony Keyboard Skins . The Keyboard skins can be placed right over the already existing Chiclet styled keyboard on the E series Vaio laptop. Sony has made available five colors and they are Blue, Green, Pink, Black and Violet. The skin’s are very inexpensive as well priced at $19.99 a piece inside the Sony Style web store.



Sony could be onto something for the Sony Vaio E series notebook concept for customization. Notebook companies need to allow for options in customizing the outside of the laptop as much as the inside of the laptop computer. Below are some great picture of some customizations that you can do.


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