CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Opening up the box we find the keyboard which looks like the Acer Laptop Keyboard  wrapped in a foam bag and suspended in blocks with cardboard sections at the top and bottom.

The Trigger has a silver and black colour scheme and the main surfaces are a soft touch rubberised coating with the keys having a similar finish. It is supplied with a detachable wrist rest which clips into place and the dimensions are 475mm x 162mm x 25mm (18.7" x 6.5" x 0.98") with a weight of 1.26kg/2.78lbs.


At the left side of the board we have a CM Storm logo in the top corner and below it a set of profile extra function keys. Along the F keys we can see that each has a second function which includes backlighting and media actions. The Windows logo is replaced by a CM Storm key face and beside that is the Alt/Macro button. The Start menu functionality can of course be disabled when gaming.

Over to the right are our three Lock LEDs (all red) and the keyboard branding with the rest of the keys which looks like the one in  Acer Laptop Keyboard   featuring a standard layout. Speaking of keys, CM Storm offer a wide selection of models based on gold plated Cherry MX technology with this particular model using Black switches which are guaranteed for 50million presses and there is 6 N Key rollover with all keys backlit in red (3 illumination settings, including pulsing, as standard).


Turning to the back of the Trigger we find that in the top right hand side we have two USB ports for plugging in devices as well as mini USB for connection to the braided cable (1000Hz/1ms polling) and a separate power input. This power input is optional and allows us to use devices with higher electrical requirements as well as two additional key LED brightness levels.

Underneath the Trigger there are six anti-slip rubberized feet as well as two stands that also feature the same anti-slip coating. Also present inside the Trigger is 64KB of memory which allows us to store our settings


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