Best of CES 2012: iCade Mobile iPhone Gaming Accessory

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Mobile gaming nerds rejoiced last year when ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s arcade cabinet for the iPad became a real product thanks to the folks at Ion Audio.


Now they’re bringing the concept to everyone’s favorite mobile gaming device: the iPhone.

The iCade Mobile fits all models of the iPhone and the iPod touch. Just like the original iCade, it connects to the device via Bluetooth, not the docking connector. And it will work with any game that’s compatible with the iCade.




The buttons on the iCade Mobile are reminiscent of the PSP with a D-pad on the left, directional buttons on the right, and two sets of buttons up top accessible with the index fingers. There’s no stiffness here — each button offers medium tactile feedback and won’t slow you down in game.


The rubber holder will also keep the iPhone or iPod in place if you shake the iCade around or even hold it upside down. It also makes it easy to insert or remove the phone quickly. It also sits on a swivel so you can game in portrait or landscape mode.


iCade Mobile iPhone gaming accessory


If you’re into gaming with your phone this is one of the most useful accessories for the purpose. That’s why we gave the iCade Mobile our Best of CES 2012: Phone Accessory award. I can’t wait to try it out for review. It launches in the spring for $79.


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