Apple retina MacBook Pro: review

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The price is high - but so is the quality of the stunning display, which makes everything else look blurred. With a Flash drive, USB 3 and Thunderbolt connector and other high end compatible parts  , it's got everything - except user-serviceability.


Apple MacBook Pro
Apple MacBook Pro with "retina" display: pictures on the web simply can't do justice to its screen because they only have half the resolution.

I'm typing this on a Macbook Pro with a "retina" display and compact  laptop keyboard  , and it's breaking my heart. Having used it as my main machine for the past fortnight, in a few hours' time I'll have to wipe the hard drive, find the cables, and send it back to Apple.


The world is going to go fuzzy again. Is this what it's like for people who wear glasses when they lose them?

OK, I'm back on my old machine now - with its standard display resolution of 1280x800 on a 13" screen. That works out to about 104 pixels per inch.


Know what? It's pathetic.


Here's the fact of it: with the "retina" display on the "new iPad" (aka iPad 3, aka the version released in January of this year), you had to put it side-by-side against another one to see the difference (something Gawker exploited wonderfully by giving people an old one and telling them it was a new one and filming their delight… and then telling them the truth).

The difference on this display leaps out at you. It shouts at you. "Retina-optimised" programs (especially browsers, but text and film and picture editing too) leap out at you, and demonstrate the precision. It has 220 pixel-per-inch precision, and laptop keyboard   , wow, it's really stunning. Pictures on websites can't do it justice, because they're on websites, and those are only 72ppi, typically. Even TV can't really show you.


So here's what we'll look at...

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