Acer Aspire R7 Laptops Announced with Windows 8 Out of the Box

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Acer recently launched its new Aspire R7 (Acer Keyboards)series of Windows 8-powered laptops, as the Taiwanese company added to its upcoming list of product releases.  Simultaneous to the introduction of the Aspire R7, Acer also announced its Iconia A1 series of budget-priced Android tablets, while inadvertently announcing a third product in the process.



The Acer Aspire R7 (Acer Keyboard Cover ) is an interesting product, as it is more of a crossover device than a laptop; in the same way that crossover vehicles are car-SUV hybrids, crossover devices in consumer electronics mix the qualities of tablets and laptops into one single product release.  The Aspire R7 makes use of Ezel technology in order to switch the screen accordingly for keyboard or touchscreen use, thus making it go beyond the traditional concept of crossover devices as defined by Microsoft’s Surface RT and Surface Pro.


As we stated earlier, it was Acer’s plan from the get-go to launch the Aspire R7 and the Iconia A1, but what it didn’t have planned was the announcement of a Windows 8 tablet.  Apparently, Amazon had accidentally outed this Acer Windows 8 tablet, which would be the first slate released that runs on Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform.  As for the Iconia A1, this device will likely be positioned against the Amazon Kindle Fire/Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 rather than the iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.  The Iconia A1 costs only $169, which makes it much cheaper than the Aspire R7 crossover laptop/tablet hybrid, which is priced quite close to $1,000.


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