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The Visopix mini keyboard like the Toshiba Tecra Keyboard  is sort of self explanatory, but there is a bit more to it than being just a keyboard.


Lets start off with the worst bit, the price.  It is £29.99 inclusive of VAT.  However the good news is you can get 20% off with the voucher code: olympics20off thus making it just £24.



It is a universal keyboard in the sense that it has a USB dongle that has to connect to whatever device you wish to use it with.  You can use it with PC, Mac, Smartphones, Playstation etc.

This dongle then wirelessly communicates back to the keyboard itself when in use. 

The dongle is very small and conveniently sits in a recess on the back of the laptop keyboard   , making for convenient storage and transportation.


When held lengthways the keyboard is about the size of a standard television remote in terms of length and and width.  Possibly a little wider but feels slimmer. It weighs 100g, but in fact feels much lighter.




On the back, there is too a button for a laser pointer.  The laser is situate on the right edge of the keyboard.  This is not something you would need everyday but could be very useful if giving a presentation.

20120822_100554Being able to work with so many different products means that not all shortcuts and key presses will work with all equipment just like the Compaq Presario C300 Keyboard does.  You get full use with a Windows computer, but even when connected to a smartphone volume keys work.


A point to note when it comes to smartphones is that you will need one that can support hosting to be able to connect this accessory .  If you are like me, ideally you would use this keyboard when your phone is connected to a big screen and you are kicking back and relaxing. If you wish to connect your phone to a TV as well then you need a device that doesn’t use the same connection port as the hosting (rules out Samsung S2/3 etc.), thus leaving mainly Sony Xperia products only.  I want to see a Bluetooth version of this keyboard.


The trackpad is a fantastic addition.  Some will love it, some will hate it.  I love it for the fact that this is one all-in-one compact product that you can take with you.  You can double tap on the trackpad or use the dedicated left and right mouse buttons. You can even change the orientation of the trackpad, perfect if you are using this in harmony with the laser pointer.



20120822_100609The keys are soft to the touch and raised (not flat) and there is a strong responsive feedback when you press on the key, so you know you have pressed it.

Whilst slim in the hand, I personally found the curved left and right edges made it a little uncomfortable for typing a large amount, but i could have just not found the ideal position to hold it?!

Having been using this for about a week, I can safely say for £30 this is one of those accessories I wouldn’t mind buying and having for convenience.  It is small and portable and despite not being Bluetooth (please, Visopix make a Bluetooth one so I can use with more smartphone) there is certainly an appeal to own this to show off or make presenting that little bit easier.

I have put together an unboxing and demonstration video, where you can see it in action. 


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