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As our laptops get smaller and thinner, laptop bag manufacturers are left with two choices; they can make their bags smaller, or they can make more room for accessories , documents and other gadgets. With their Poseidon Messenger bag for up to 13″ laptops, ECBC does both, although not in equal measure.


ECBC Poseidon Messenger Bag


Taking a look at the exterior, the Poseidon (K7202) is manufactured of Kodra nylon that has a water repellent coating, so we’re off to a good start. The durable material is resistant to scratches and tears, and is accented by heavy duty YKK zippers (also waterproof in certain areas). The stitching seems quite rugged as well, and shows now signs of wear after a couple months of testing.


The back of the case exterior is thickly padded with a breathable material that rests comfortably against your side without drawing sweat. The padding is connected on the sides but open at the top and bottom to allow a luggage trolly handle to pass through. The cover flap on the front includes a zippered pocket that has a decent amount of storage space (you could fit your iPad in here) and a special pocket sized appropriately for a cell phone or similarly sized device. The cover flap is held in place with plastic clasps and two wide strips of velcro.


The sides of the bag each have a small pocket with accessories , one with tight elastic mesh that won’t fit much and the other with a zippered area that can expand to hold a water bottle.


ECBC Poseidon Messenger Bag


That brings us to the top, which offers to methods to carry the Poseidon around; a somewhat rubbery (but covered) handle and a heavy duty should strap with removable padding and a large buckle that easily allows you to adjust the strap’s length. Unfortunately, the shoulder strap is not removable and can’t be easily tucked away, and the buckle doesn’t provide enough resistance to prevent it from being accidentally opened if caught on something.


ECBC Poseidon Messenger Bag

That’s a lot to cover, and the interior offers even more. The main compartment is split into two sections, one of which is softly padded for your laptop and accessories . ECBC includes a modular insert (held in place via velcro) to tighten things up if you’ve got an 11″ laptop. Remove it, and your 13″ fits in just fine. This is great for when you upgrade your computer, or if you have two of different sizes to begin with.


The other side of the main compartment is open for books, magazines, accessories, and such as Asus EEE PC 1015PN (Black) Keyboard   . The wall opposite your laptop has three pockets of different sizes to hold your accessories, all of which have a Velcro tab for security. Very strong Velcro, I should point out. Almost annoyingly strong, and they didn’t lose their grip at all during the testing period.


Furthering the functionality, the exterior portion that sits under the cover flap has no less than has seven pockets of varying sizes (for everything pens to books), plus one more large zippered pocket, plus a lanyard for your keys, a USB drive, etc.

ECBC Poseidon Messenger Bag

It’s an awful lot to squeeze into a somewhat compact messenger bag, and you won’t be able to use all of this storage at once. Filling one pocket can easily render another unusable, but I don’t think it was ECBC’s intention for you to overstuff the Poseidon. Rather, they simply provide numerous ways to store numerous items. No matter what you’re carrying along with your laptop, the Messenger will accommodate it the way you want it accommodated: secure protection or easy access.


Available only in black, blue and dark green, the Poseidon Messenger isn’t the most fashion conscious laptop bag available. But for functionality and protection, you won’t do much better at this price range.


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