Accessory-Nuu Leather Keyboard Case for iPad - Review

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We're big fans of the iPad here at IBTimes UK, but typing on the glass screen can become uncomfortable, and while the on-screen keyboard is good, it doesn't leave much room for anything else.


And this is where the idea of a keyboard case comes in, and specifically the all-leather, detachable keyboard case from accessory  manufacturer Nuu.


Made from black leather and including a removable iPad case and keyboard wrapped up in another case and with a stylus attached to the side, this case isn't going to win any portability prizes.


But it may well solve the uncomfortable task of typing on the iPad screen, while offering substantial protection and somewhere to store your stylus.


Looking rather like a large leather bound organiser, the Nuu keyboard case opens up to reveal a black plastic Bluetooth keyboard on the left and a space for your iPad to slip into on the right.


The iPad sleeve - which protects the rear, sides and screen bezel, can be removed from the case entirely. While in place, the sleeve flips outwards and, together with a hinge in the back of the case, reclines slightly to hold the iPad at a better viewing angle.


We don't think the iPad can be angled back quite far enough for the case to be used on the lap, but when sat on a desk it's perfectly acceptable.


The case has all of the usual cut-outs to make pressing the iPad's button and access its ports easy enough, although everything felt a bit off-centre and the sleeve didn't fit the iPad as tightly as we would have liked.

The sleeve is attached to the case itself with a large velcro strip, so you can remove it easily (and noisily) without taking the iPad out of the case altogether.


Although the keyboard keys are slightly smaller than those on the iPad's screen, we got up to speed fairly quickly, and what the keys lose in size is made up for by having more of them - so numbers, media controls and more function keys are all there.


The keyboard like the Lenovo U Series U330 Keyboard   is held in place with magnets and can be removed, but if you do you'll find it feels quite cheap and bends easily, although feedback while typing is good and the magnets keep it securely in place - so we'd suggest you leave it there.


The included stylus is like any other for the iPad, with a rubber tip that has more in common with a fat permanent marker than a highly-sharpened pencil, so you'll struggle to recognise your handwriting on the screen.


The keyboard is paired to the iPad over Bluetooth, and it's just a case of flicking the power switch and pressing a Pair button to hook the two up - although you'll need a pin to press the button, as it's very small.


It took around a minute for the keyboard to successfully pair with our new iPad, but from then on it worked just as you'd expect, with no lag and it never lost connection.


Cases like other  Compatible Parts , this are always going to split opinion - fans will love that they can use their iPad as a more conventional notebook, while having the added benefit of a smart leather case; but others will see it as too bulky and not implemented as well as it could be.


We found the Nuu case to be just too large and bulky to be used every day. While the keyboard is nice, the product as a whole feels like it's trying too hard and there's just too much going on.


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