Accessory-Mophie’s OutRide iPhone Case Now Available For $149.95

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We first caught wind of Mophie’s OutRide iPhone case like Camera Silicone Case for iPhone 4/ 4S Purple in August and it surely did rang a bell. It was expected to hit the market in September, but for some reason, Mophie’ has delayed its launch. And here we now with the news that OutRide is now available in the U.S. for $149.95. Mophie says that the OutRide’s wide-angle and waterproof mounting system will eliminate the need for an action sports camera. That could be true.


outride Mophies OutRide iPhone Case Now Available For $149.95


By slipping the case into an iPhone such as Camera Silicone Case for iPhone 4/ 4S Purple , and by using the app, iPhone users are given the capability to record and edit videos and photos while on the fly, no matter how extreme the conditions are. The OutRide features a water-proof and lightweight polycarbonate housing, and a wide-angle lens that features a 170-degree viewing angle. If you’re interested, you can buy the accessory via Mophie’s official website. The free OutRide app can be downloaded from the App Store.


“The OutRide lets athletes use their iPhone beyond the limits, enabling them to record, edit and share images and video instantly, on all terrain and under all conditions,” said Ross Howe, the Vice President of Marketing at Mophie. “The hardware, combined with the growing OUTRIDE community for video sharing makes for a complete solution that is unlike anything else on the market.”


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