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What was more alluring in the Microsoft Surface Tablet launch was mainly the laptop keyboard cover , which possibly makes the tablet one of the best tablet computers available in terms of efficiency with no additional bulk. The enticing Surface keyboard is available in two varieties. The Type Cover is the slimmest mechanical keyboard that comes with a capacitive sensing track pad. It is a dual protective cover that is 6 mm thin and weighs less than 0.55 lbs. The Type Cover is obtainable only in one color-black and is worth $129.



With multi-functioning QWERTY keyboard  such as Asus N Series N50Vn Keyboard   along with the Function Keys (F1-F12) aligned in a row to share, search and settings together with Windows shortcut keys and media controls makes navigation through Surface easier and sleek. The Type cover provides the effortlessness and swiftness of a traditional keyboard to give yet additional productivity.


The other variety consists of the Touch Cover like the Asus Keyboard Cover  , which is a pressure receptive laser fitted keyboard and protective cover.  It is 3 mm in measurement and weighs less than half pound. It is slim and amazingly responsive. The touch cover costs $119 and can be obtained in five exciting colors: red, white, black, magenta and cyan.


Featuring fully functioning in-built multi-touch track pad embedded with two buttons, windows shortcut keys and media controls, the touch cover provides maximum quickness to the user to navigate through surface. Moreover, the Touch cover is spill resistant and can be easily cleaned. The smooth and vivid touch surface allows the user to experience onscreen type up to 2x faster.



When need to move, you can fold both the Type cover and the Touch cover over the screen to protect from scrapes and bashes. Folding the touch or type cover disables the keyboard like the HP G Series G60 (Black) Keyboard   and keystrokes itself and the Surface display automatically gets turned off on closing the cover to conserve battery life.


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