Accessory- Logitech Ultrathin iPad Keyboard Now Matches White iPads

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OK, you got me. My iPhone is white, as is my iPad, so having a gray or black keyboard folio kind of sucks. So it’s cool that Logitech decided to released a white version of their Ultrathin Keyboard Cover.


logitech ultrathin keyboard cover white

 The Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is one of many Bluetooth keyboards available for your iPad. The battery is supposed to provide up to 6 months of usage, based upon a daily use of 2 hours, which is good. Logitech is making their devices less power hungry. I’ve got their Marathon Mouse M705 and it’s still got 1070 days of autonomy  left months after I purchased it – though Bluetooth is way more of a power hog than Logitech’s proprietary unifying receivers.

logitech ultrathin keyboard cover white dock

I like how slim it looks, but the slot-stand is a bit hit or miss. On the Zagg Logitech Keyboard Case, that wasn’t my favorite feature. And while white might look cool for a cover, it might grimy quickly.


The Ultrathin Keyboard Cover will sell for $99.99(USD) and be released later this month. Now if they could release a white Solar Folio Keyboard, I’d be pretty happy.


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