Accessory-Keep Your iPhone And Cup Of Coffee Within Reach With UpperCup Case

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 Keep Your iPhone And Cup Of Coffee Within Reach With UpperCup Case


Yesterday we highlighted an umbrella that had a grip in its handle that allows the owner to use an umbrella and their smartphone at the same time because we thought it was both a cool and silly concept. We can imagine using the umbrella on a regular basis when using your phone and shielding yourself from rain are equally important.


Today, we stumbled onto an iPhone case  that should be considered a necessity if you value both your addiction to your iPhone and your addiction to having a drink readily available at all times. The UpperCup iPhone case has a pop-out cup holder that will allow you to keep your cup of coffee within reach at all times when you need your caffeine fix while texting your friends.


UpperCup is currently seeking funds to become an actual product on Indiegogo, $25,000 to be exact. If you think you need the UpperCup in your life, you can snag one for your iPhone 4/4S for $25, while the iPhone case  will cost $30. If the project reaches its goal, UpperCups are expected to be delivered by April 2013.

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