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Belkin has announced has introduced a new portable Bluetooth keyboard case that offers iPad mini users peace of mind when it comes to protecting their new investment while allowing them to type on a physical keyboard. The case comes with a comfortable keyboard layout like the Samsung Q Series Q330 Keyboard with Touchpad and C Shell  and shortcut keys to provide freedom to control brightness, audio and video.


The case was built specifically for users who are always on the go; it’s easy to fold and it offers simple access to the iPad’s main functions like sleep/power buttons, the volume controls and the rear camera.


The Bluetooth keyboard has a rechargeable battery, and according to the manufacturer it will offer up to 155 hours of use.

The Belkin Portable Keyboard Case for iPad mini is available now for $79.99 dollars.


For  Samsung Q Series Q330 Keyboard with Touchpad and C Shell  

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