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When it comes to the high-end smartphone, most folks would choose either Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC One X, the two typical Android-running smartphones endowed with potent hard ware. If you do not have any requirements of the design and pay more attention to the internal performance, then you can have a try of the HTC One X, which do not have a fast processor but also sports the latest Sense UI, the unique feature of HTC and accessories .


Actually, the appearance of HTC One X looks much different from its cousin. It has a more polished and snappy design and you do not have to worry that the back of the phone is not your style. It is a representative device among HTC’s fresh new series, One and also marks that HTC has a clearer and definitely product strategy.


Now if you do have such a phone, you may need the proper HTC One X cases to protect the phone and make it more durable. Compared with other smartphones, HTC mobile phones are more suitable to wear a case since those cases can better display the features of HTC design. What’s more, the white back of HTC One X makes you have more reason to purchase a case to guard the dust and smidges.


Apart from the design, the screen is of course the focus for a large-screen phone like HTC One X. The responsiveness and the swift performance make it no worse than that of the Samsung device. So it would be something troublesome when the screen is damaged. The touch screen is one of the most costly  Compatible Parts  for a smartphone, which thus leads to the high repair cost to fix a touch screen. So if you send your damaged HTC One X to the repair store, then you will be charged high.


To save you money, then you can pick up the affordable HTC One X touch screen repair parts on the online cell phone accessories stores. These touch screen replacement parts will suit the phone perfectly and are sold at good price. So even your display is damaged by accidents, you will not need to worry the high repair costs.

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