Accessory-Concept rechargeable AA batteries use USB cables to charge

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Continuance Rechargeable USB Batteries don't need wall outlets to charge; just hook 'em up to cables you've use to power your gadgets.



In the days of smart gadgets and phones, Compatible Parts such as traditional batteries with the letter size system are barely something we see and use anymore. But for those who still want to save money on batteries for your cable remote control or toy cars, rechargeable AA batteries are the way to go. In the old days, these often come with clunky standalone chargers that take up a large chunk of your power outlet strip. So wouldn’t it be better if batteries embrace the new technology by being chargeable via USB cables?


While this idea is just a concept, we think it would be a pretty logical one. The Continuance Rechargeable Battery is AA battery with a built-in USB port ,  laptop keyboard    , so you can hook them up with your computer, smartphone, or iPod to charge on the go. Designed by Haimo Bao, Hailong Piao, Yuancheng Liu, and Xiameng Hu, the batteries would increase space efficiency and portability. The unknown issues are, of course, how long it would take to fully charge one single AA battery. It would make more sense to have a USB cable base to charge multiple batteries at once, since most devices never use just one AA battery. 


What do you think of these compact USB batteries? Would you ever use them in real life?


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