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Flexible Bluetooth Mini Keyboard



Bought this cause I hate on screen touch keyboards but prefer Asus G Series G72gx Keyboard thing of can be used for any &everything that connects bluetooth. Android, iPhone Apple, Windows even just a simple flip phone. friend that turned me on to it said he has a camcorder that he usually had to go through so many hook ups, software & was constently having problems of compatability issues...anyway he would jump through hoops getting his monster of a digital camera hooked up to his antique pc desk top cause he could actual interface his pc keyboard through the camera & actually edit/modify pix give it alot more than a time & date stamp...well my friends he said that his little hum dinger keyboard actually hooks directly to the camera...never knew a camera, digital, HD, or camcorder even had bluetooth technology...who knew. any who he doesnt leave or stay home without his. it also can for you, to your camera?, or not, your tablet, your laptop, desktop...your apple...anything, & to as many of them youand ALL your friends have...all your devices. even at the same time. as long as they are doing the same exact thing.




It has a pad like a laptop, but it also has little, itty bitty scroling buttons along side the touch pad area, that actually act the exact same as any suffisticated mouse aperatus. Yes I know, had to have it the second I witnessedmy buddies item in action, but ya know I never got around to using I can be so ....well anyway...Im now moved into my new place, that barely has enough room for my tv, a couple clothes & my tiny little, way to short or wide, junior sized, bunkbed, so alots gotta go. see ads for my ASUS Transformer Eepad, samsung android cell, an iPhone, portable massage table, Brother all-in-one, dell monitor, even my pride & joy regular sized, ultra minicam sunglasses. boy I had some cool spying seasons with them. Its all gotta go. gemme a call or text asap, youll definately get into 1ormore items. Todd 415 933-5729...oh & btw way, Ive included the direct way To get ahold of me (THE FR---N CELL #... I CANT SPEND ALLOT OF WASTING TIME ON REPLY EMAILS...I PLACED ALL ADS WITH MY ETERNALLY ON & always answered phone...If had the time to reanswer those with those already covered in ad questions with  Laptop Keyboard Cover ...not thinking how many...STILL available? I will remove any item thats gone, from the posting, the minute it leaves my place


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