Accessory- Bluetooth Keyboard and Case for new iPad and iPad 2

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Go ahead, call me bipolar (I’ve been called much, MUCH worse), but sometimes I want my iPad to act like a tablet, and other days I want it to act like a laptop and Laptop Keyboard  . 

The Skech Blueboard iPad case with Bluetooth keyboard lets me have it, um, both ways! I love it because on days I want to use to my iPad like a tablet – you know, lots of touching, lots of swiping, lots of long lazy afternoons propping up the iPad on a nice picnic blanked in the shade and watching YouTube videos, the Skech is there for me.  The case has three different snap positions for viewing, so I never worry about glare.  It also has a super supple full grain leather case (not synthetic or pleather!), quick magnetic closure, double blind stiching for durability and is nicely cushioned to protect your iPad 2 or 3. 

And for the days when I need my iPad to show me it’s tougher side and really get some work done, the Bluetooth keyboard that comes with the case is amazing.  The keyboard is detachable like the detachable Dell Keyboard  dock , also wrapped in leather, fast and stable (you can even use it from several yards away from the iPad), and has very comfortable, high quality keys, so you feel like you are typing on a laptop, not a milk carton. 

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