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Stand and deliver

Tablets are easy to carry around, but your hands need a break from holding them. Resting your mitts keeps you productive for a longer stretch and prevents repetitive stress injuries. Making a tablet stand on its own is a necessity for running a videoconference, or for deploying your tablet as a second screen next to your desktop or laptop ( Laptop Keyboard ). These unique tablet stands do the heavy lifting and free you to focus on serious work, whether you’re at the office, on a plane, or even in bed.



Octa TabletTail

The two-part Octa TabletTail features a suction-powered vacuum dock and a flexible Compatible Part  , whale-tail-shaped stand. Use the dock alone to get a grip on your otherwise slippery tablet, or you pair the dock with the stand to prop up your tablet in a number of ways. The company also plans to release new tails in the future, all of which will be compatible with the dock.



Griffin Loop

Griffin’s Loop weighted stand is versatile: Place your tablet upright for viewing or laid back for surfing and typing, in portrait or landscape mode. (It looks a lot like the little stands that Apple uses to in its Apple Stores to display iPads.) Thoughtful design lets you plug your charging cable into your tablet while it’s standing in the Loop.



Twelve South BookArc

Twelve South’s stylish BookArc for iPad features both “work” and “storage” modes. The work mode lets you view your tablet at an angle, while the storage mode holds your tablet upright for easy web conferencing, video viewing, or marathon reading. The BookArc is made of heavy gauge steel and has a removable silicone insert, so your tablet can fit even if it’s already outfitted with a case like the iPad 2 Water-Proof 6 Viewing Angles Case .



New Ipad 3 Smart Cover Folio Stand Hot Pink


Cloud style folio case specially designed for the new iPad 3rd
Multiple colors option
Made of nice synthetic leather
Wakeup/Sleep smart cover function
Magnet closure
3 viewing angles for your new iPad 3 Gen with the help of 3 inner trail stoppers Slim design
Accessible to all ports and controls without taking off your iPad 3rd from the case

Net weight:12oz


For the New Ipad 3 Smart Cover Folio Stand Hot Pink Cloud PatternFor the New Ipad 3 Smart Cover Folio Stand Hot Pink Cloud Pattern


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iPad 2 Soft Sheepskin Stand Folio Case

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