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In the run up to the International Consumer Electronics Show CG wants to keep you informed of the hot products. The Best of Innovations winner in the Software & Mobile Apps category proves to change how we think about our iPhone case such as Camera Silicone Case for iPhone 4/ 4S White . Admit it, the phone is an extension of us. As you are unique and individual, your case should be too!



Sculpteo, a France-based company, took this need for individuality and the process of making a cool case and combined them to come up with 3DPCase – short for 3D Printed Case. Their website and app enable iPhone 3G, 4, 4S and 5 users choose and customize their own case. For example, their Shadow Profile case lets you upload two profile pictures, say you and your significant other, which get cut into the case. Or maybe you just want an image engraved on your case such as CDN Flower Pattern Case for iPhone 4/iPhone 4S . No problem. There are plenty of pre-designed cases too. You simply select the image, colors and optional text. And don’t forget, as the name says the cases are 3D. You will feel the texture of your creation everytime you use the phone. So do they work? Of course. Units are all made of polyamide like many off-the-shelf cases. No worries. It keeps your phone protected. Cases start at €29.90 (about $39.50) plus shipping. Production typically takes 2-3 days. If you really want that iPhone extension of you to stand out and express your personality customize it yourself with 3DPCase.

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