Accessories Review: Sena Walletbook for iPhone 5

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Size and Fit

Once open, the Walletbook snugly holds your iPhone on one side and your ID, credit cards, and cash on the other. The case itself adds very little bulk to your iPhone, but if you stuff it will bills, cards, etc, it can get big fast. Once installed, the Walletbook holds your iPhone 5 snugly, and gives full access to all ports, buttons, and switches with iphone accessories .

Features and Quality

The  iphone accessory  is constructed of full-grain leather, which is made from all layers of a piece of leather, unlike top-grain (only the top layer) and bonded (scraps of leather than have been glued together). This is important not just for bragging rights, but because full-grain leather is much more durable, and resistant to moisture than the other two. It also looks nice even when broken-in. I also found the stitching on the Walletbook to be impeccable, and the color vibrant. This is a classy iPhone case, although it may not be masculine enough for some.

The wallet portion of the case held my driver's license nicely in its clear pouch, as well as a few credit cards and some cash without making it feel bulky. It won't replace most people's regular wallet, but it will hold the essentials, and is ideal for those times when you are trying to minimize. Everything is accessible by unsnapping the front flap. Herein, however, lies my one complaint with the Walletbook; every time you hold your phone up to your ear, you must fold the wallet portion backwards and expose your ID, cash and credit cards for all to see. Considering how often thieves are targeting iOS devices these days, wrapping yours in money and credit cards and waving it around would be like throwing chum in the water of a swim beach at the Great Barrier Reef. There is a workaround, however; headphones. If you're going to use your iPhone with a Walletbook, I strongly recommend you do so by way of some sort of hands-free device. This will allow you to leave your phone, cash, and credit cards nicely out of sight where they belong.


The Walletbook is a beautiful and stylish iphone accessories . The quality of the leather is excellent, and the fact that it is available in 14 different colors styles means that there is something here for everybody.


The Walletbook is a high quality, full-grain leather iPhone case that doubles as a wallet. If you intend to use it, however, do so with a headset so as not to tempt any would-be thieves intent on a double payday.

Price: $54.95

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