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Provides: Protection from scuffs, minor drops and bumps
Developer: Musubo
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $29.99
Availability: Now

Whenever I see one of those old-timey microphones, I think of Billy Joel’s “Tell Her About It” video. And now that I have the Musubo Retro iPhone 5 case, I find myself singing that song into my phone more often than anyone around me is comfortable with. I wish Musubo had released an iPhone case that looks like a black telephone so I could sing “Sometimes A Fantasy” instead. It’s a much better song Camera Silicone Case for Apple iPhone 4/iPhone 4S  .

Musubo Retro iPhone 5 case

And when I think of Musubo iPhone cases, this is the kind of case I expect. It has a very unique design, it has dual-layer construction, and it provides a decidedly un-iPhone feel that’s still pretty cool. The exterior that provides the microphone appearance is made of a strong polycarbonate that’s available in blue, black, red, silver and white (although why you’d want this in any color other than silver is beyond me). The interior is silicon and comes only in a sort of charcoal gray  Camera Silicone Case for Apple iPhone 4/iPhone 4S  .

Musubo Retro iPhone 5 case

The combination of the two does more than provide the retro design, it provides some solid protection as well. Your iPhone slides easily into the silicon layer, which you then easily pop into the the outer shell. It’s a little more difficult to remove the phone, but not much, and the silicon protects the phone from scratches as you remove it.

The hard shell covers the back with only the camera area and the Apple logo showing through. It opens around the volume buttons and mute switch to let the silicon provide the protection, and does the same at the top and bottom  Camera Silicone Case for Apple iPhone 4/iPhone 4S  .

Musubo Retro iPhone 5 case

Some of the problems with each of the Musubo iPhone 5 cases I’ve reviewed remain here, the worst of which is still that the thick layer of silicon at the bottom means you cannot dock the iPhone 5 with anything other than the thin Lightning cable. Less troublesome are issues with the silicon not hugging the iPhone tightly at the bottom and that case buttons for the on/off switch and volume controls have to be pressed a bit harder than I’d like.

Musubo Retro iPhone 5 case

With the Musubo Retro, however, I find it easier to skirt these problems. This is a fun case that provides solid protection from scratches and drops, not to mention that it’s quite appropriate when using your iPhone to conduct interviews. As with all Musubo cases, it comes with a foldable stand to hold your phone when watching movies.

And if you want to dance around your house with it when singing along with B.J. and the Affordables, well, I’d totally understand  Camera Silicone Case for Apple iPhone 4/iPhone 4S  .

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