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Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 4/4S and 5

Twelve South's products for the Mac and iPhone are some of the well-crafted and design-forward accessories you'll find. Unlike other cases though that are designed to keep your phone safe from drops and shocks or scratches, the BookBook is different. It's designed to be both a case and a wallet, and disguise your phone as a small book. The BookBook has pockets and sleeves you can use to store cash, credit cards, ID, and other important documents you may want to keep with you. The bottom has access to the 30-pin (iPhone 4/4S) or Lightning (iPhone 5) port so you can charge or sync without removing it from its case, and the headphone port is unobstructed so you can use that too. The cover is leather-wrapped from edge to edge, so your device has complete protection (except along the right side, where the case opens), and the top and bottom are hard firm sheets, so dropping something on the top of the BookBook won't damage your screen. There's a hole for your camera, so you can use it with the case on (although it'd probably be a bit awkward). It's not the toughest of the cases in the roundup, so don't take it mountain climbing, but it's a great all-in-one case if you want a case that's also a wallet replacement. Both the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 models will set you back $60.  Calculator Silicone Case for Apple Iphone 4/iphone 4s Yellow      

Magpul Field Case

The Magpul Field Case walks the line between being a rigid, firm protective case and one with a little give and flexibility that won't add a ton of bulk to your phone. They're made of tough synthetic rubber, are available for virtually every iPhone model (3G/3GS/4/4S/5), in a variety of colors. All of their cases have ribbing across the back for an improved grip, and the rubber body of the cases cover the sides so the case can absorb shocks and drops. Don't think that because the case is rubberized that it'll be tough to get in and out of your pocket though—it actually doesn't catch when used. It snaps in and out of place easily, and offers unobstructed access to all of your iPhone's ports while attached. All models are available now, and while the iPhone 5 case isn't available directly from their website, it is (along with all of their other cases) available at Amazon. The 3G/3GS and 4/4S Field Case will set you back $10, and the iPhone 5 model is $13 retail, although all of them are a bit cheaper at Amazon depending on the color you want. Calculator Silicone Case for Apple Iphone 4/iphone 4s Yellow     

Diffr3nt Wallet and Slim Cases

Diffr3nt is actually a small, Kickstarter-funded company out of Connecticut with a fan base active enough that they came to vote in droves to get their favorite company represented in the Hive Five. The company makes two types of cases, the Wallet and the Slim Case, and as their names imply the Slim is designed to offer protection to your iPhone without adding a ton of bulk, while the Wallet has a slot on the back for your ID, cash, credit cards, and other important documents. Each case is hand-crafted canvas, lined with a shock-absorbing material to keep your phone in place and add extra protection. The canvas body slides in and out of your pocket easily, and is tough enough to keep up with the bumps and scrapes of daily life. It's a full fold-over model, so it keeps the screen protected as well. Plus, it's available in a ton of great colors. If you want one, the Wallet will set you back $42 for the iPhone 4/4S model and $50 for the iPhone 5 model. The Slim retails for $35 for the iPhone 4/4S and $45 for the iPhone 5. Calculator Silicone Case for Apple Iphone 4/iphone 4s Yellow     

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