A List of Laptop Accessories

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Port Replicators

  • Port replicators, sometimes called docking stations, provide desktop-like convenience for laptops. They often include additional ports and connections for USB devices, printers, external mice, laptop keyboards  and monitors. They're ideal if you're constantly having to switch what's plugged into your laptop due to lack of additional ports. They're typically used when your laptop is stationary, like at your work desk.

Stands and Pads

  • Stands are convenient for resting the laptop on your lap or for using the computer at an angle, and can make typing more comfortable. Some stands function as small computer desks, where you can fit your laptop but not much else. Cooling pads are similar but they have fans built-in to help your laptop cool. Overheating may damage your laptop so consider a cooling pad if your laptop is hot to the touch. Some cooling pads plug into a wall power outlet while others plug into your laptop's USB port, requiring no external power source and other Compatible Parts  .


Lights and Locks

  • Lights make it easier to see the keyboard in poorly lit areas. While some use disposable batteries, others plug directly into one of your laptop's USB ports, using your computer's power to run the light, and can shorten your laptop's usage time while using the battery for power. Locks provide physical security for your laptop but most locks require a special slot on the laptop to fit; check your laptop's ports and connections to see if you have a lock slot.

Bags and Sleeves

  • Bags and cases provide safety and ease when you're transporting your laptop; if you ever take your laptop out of your home, consider using one. Another option is a laptop sleeve. Sleeves are small cases that usually don't have handles but provide extra padding so minor bumps don't hurt your computer. Bag and sleeve sizes go by the size of the computer they're made for so ensure you don't buy a 15 inch bag for your 17 inch laptop.

Batteries and Drives

  • While your laptop probably came with its own battery, having a backup battery is a wise practice if you're traveling. You may also be able to find a battery that holds a longer charge than your currently installed battery, giving you more time between charges. Small drives like USB thumb drives provide convenient ways to store and transport data between computers and users. They're ideal for laptops since these small drives are also meant for portability.

General Laptop Accessories

General laptop accessories commonly used with desktops prove useful when your laptop is stationary. With the right connections, an external monitor meant for a desktop or even your television can become a laptop accessory, allowing for dual monitors and a larger display. With such a setup, you may consider accessories like a wireless external keyboard such as HP CQ Series Keyboard  and mouse so you don't have to be right next to your laptop or external display to use them.

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